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Image by Andrew Svk

This has truly been an amazing experience. Having no idea what to expect and arriving with more than a little apprehension, you made this trip a fun, safe and eye opening experience for us, free of the stress one  often encounters in new places. We were so impressed with every moment of this tour, and left wanting more. Loved the luxurious lodges and meals, the exciting game drives and relaxing  river cruises. I honestly never thought I'd say “ oh, there’s another giraffe”. Thank you for a wonderful vacation. 

JoAnn and Don 


This has been a trip of a life time, but this trip, it’s amazing, its beauty; its wonders were all due to you. The experience, the joy, the laughs will not soon be forgotten. As you mentioned you leave a piece of our self in Namibia. Thank you!

Neal and Penny


Every trip we trip we have been on I our lives together and there have been lots been planned and dated, picked by Bruce since we have been married, Suzanne has always been going on my trips my schedule. This trip was Suzanne’s from day one. a year ago I had no interest in Africa and didn’t now were in Africa Namibia was. I agreed to know that I was going to miss three weeks of Golf (my passion) plus go in a summer holiday for the first time in our married life. Well I can honestly say from the day we landed in Victoria falls that both of us have been absolutely blow away, the sights, the hospitality, the food everything has been totally amazing, but most of all the passion and knowledge that you both have for this country has been front and centre all the time.

We are beginning to love this place as much as you guys. We know so much more now, because of all your understanding of this great country. We will miss you guys more then you will ever know and will think and talk about coming back so until we meet again, stay well our friends!

Bruce and Suzanne


Thank you so much for an amazing adventure. We really enjoyed touring with you and getting a wee idea of what your beautiful county is all about. We feel blessed beyond words for your wonderful hospitality. You are fantastic guides and we so admire your kind manner, skills and warm harts. We will always remember Namibia and all the amazing landscapes, flora, wildlife and interesting people, towns and the ocean of course. Most of all we are delighted to have met you and had this amazing time with you. May your business be blesses and many rain falls on Namibia. God bless!

Dave and Cheryl


Thank you both for the amazing adventure, you took us on over the past 2 weeks. We appreciate you hosting us. So much enjoyed your company and conversations. Darrel had fun being chased by the hippos and your willingness to head back to base camp for my bag Left behind was so greatly appreciated. You both have enormous amounts of knowledge. This was a trip of a life time and so memorable. Thank you!

Darrel and Nicole


Thank you seems to little to say to you both for sharing your wonderful country with us. We are leaving Namibia with new understanding of your corner of the world and so fortunate to have your knowledge, passion for your country and wild life. You were so gracious and patient with some of the slower folks. In the wild we would have lost Dean the first day. Thank you so much for giving us this unbelievable and incredible experience that has expanded our world in so many ways.

Dean and Irene


It's hard to put into words just how fantastic this holiday has been. All the sights of Namibia an incredible experience with the wild animals will be relived over and over. You both treated us like royalty. Nothing was too much trouble. We especially enjoyed your sense of humor each day. We have traveled to many places in the world and this was the only trip where you can’t say what was the best. Thank you both so much.

Kay and Morris


We had the most wonderful experience on our African adventure. Both our guides were so incredible. Thank you for your knowledge and professionalism, courtesy, passion and organization, but even more thanks for the fun and friendliness and friendship. Oh and your patience. We laugh and loved sharing your beautiful country and cannot express how powerful this experience has been. From the bottom of our harts we give our full gratitude and love.

The Martins


This was a dream come true, you were amazing. We enjoyed every minute here. It was exciting to see giraffe and elephants on the side f the road. The hippos in the River were a sight to see. We enjoyed the sun downers as well. The 100’s of pictures should be proof. Thanks for helping with all the photography tips and everything ells. We got a good education about Africa!!

Allan and Cheryl Marcotte

Thanks for a trip of a life time. I have so many memories and stories to take back with me to share with the family and friends. Thanks you for taking e out of my comfort and having me try so many different things. I enjoyed our many sunrises, its truly a spectacular place to live in. I have never felt so comfortable in a different country, this is a rare expectation and appreciate all your knowledge and wisdom that you shared with us.

Thanks for the memories!

Leslie Goretzky


Caroline and I cannot thank you enough for the most fantastic adventure, Ruan +(bubbly) Fearika. In our wildest dreams we never thought we would experience so many exiting and beautiful moments. You both have shared and given us a Love for Africa. I am sure we will be back and share our enthusiasm with all those we know who wish to feel the magic of Namibia. I hope, even though you are both working so hard at the passions you share, that we showed our appreciation and brought some humor to the tour as well. We feel that we have won the lottery by experiencing your kindness and feel honored to call you both our friends, be well, we will see you again soon.

Robert Labrier


I have learned so much on this trip to Namibia and Zimbabwe. I’m speechless ( hahaha).

A truly beautiful experience of a life time. Word cannot explain how amazing your beautiful country is. From the sunrise, sunsets, sand dunes, boat cruises, breathtaking animals. Everything was so awe inspiring. The accommodation and meals were superb. I enjoyed the experience of eating crocodile, kudu, oryx and drinking thirsty beer and wine. Ruan you are truly amazing – keep us organized and on time. And showing us hidden gems and treasures. Loved the surprises – great job. I was a pleasure to meet you Fearika and learn so much from you. Thanks for the beautiful memories and friendship. Until we meet again.



What a wonderful two weeks, filled with adventures and supprises! Thank you so very much for all of the fabulous little bits on Namibia. I have enjoyed every moment of the journey.
Best of everything to you both for the future trips!!




I read the past comments and it echo what was written. Even though my stay was only 2 weeks, I do feel I have gotten a very true and real impression of your beautiful country, its animals and the people. Ruan your knowledge, your patience, and your kindness is humbling – you really put your whole self into your work, so that people come here to have the best experience. I look forward to treating you the same way when you come to visit. It was nice that Fearika was able to join us for a few days -  the both of you are really “ the best” I leave with a mind full of beautiful memories and a heart filled with admiration and love, I thank you for that.

Daisy Harpe



Ten best things about Namibia:

1. The guides: Ruan and Simone were informative, knowledgable and fun to be with.
2. The accommodation, in particular the Gomdwana lodges, were comfortable, rustic,
or modern luxurious.
3. The animals we saw on our game drives or Etosha drive numerous, impressive and
4. The birds were lovely or noisy or stunning.
5. The food was delicious and far too abundant, dieting is now obligatory.
6. Victoria Falls lived up to its reputation as a natural wonder.
7. The Zambezi River is beautiful and rafting on it will always be a wonderful memory.
8. Quad riding in the dunes was a thrill.
9. Namibia is a beautiful place with amazing geography and people.
10. Best trip I’ve ever taken, hands down

- Margaret Ahearn, Ottowa, Canada


I am so grateful that Margaret invited me to come on this trip when her sister Maureen had
to bow out.
Granted I was not involved in the planning and therefore had no expectations, I was
impressed with the itinerary, the quality of the food and accommodation and the attention
paid by Ruan and Simone to ensure the comfort of everyone on the trip.
I have so many memories and new experiences that will make me smile as we head into the
winter in Canada. Indeed this trip will be the standard by which I measure and plan all my
next travel adventures!
Thank you for introducing me to the heart and beauty of Namibia and Zimbabwe.

- Joyce

91 Hamilton Ave. N.
Ottowa, ON KNIB8, Canada


A wonderful experience throughout! Very appreciative of the care and concern shown by
everyone on your team when Kathy had her accident, along with your ongoing attention to
her needs. We enjoyed visiting all the venues and the lodges were excellent, great food and
service, without exception.

Best of luck in your future endeavors!

- Bob Wilson & Kathleen Ahearn
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


This has been an outstanding two weeks. The level of service provided by Ruan & Simone
was above and beyond! We loved the accommodations planned for us, each was unique
and very comfortable.

The game drives were beyond our expectations! From seeing elephants in their natural
habitat to wild dogs playing in the sand in front of us- we were amazed!
The icing was seeing the lions sleeping after eating the oryx they’d killed & jackals moving in
for a snack.

We learned so much about the people, culture and the geography of Namibia. Victoria Falls
was beautiful. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!
P.S, I suspect we will be back!

- Terry & Marguerite Donhue
Beachling, Ontario, Canada

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